ENT master check up

Three of the five sense organs smell, hearing and taste are in the field of ear nose and throat. It is a prudent to have a periodic check up to identify problems in these areas which may not yet be symptomatic and take appropriate treatment so that serious outcome can be avoided. Early identification of hearing loss and appropriate treatment before five years of age is mandatory in infants and small children if the child has to be saved from a life time of deaf mutism

ENT cancer screening

Cancer in ENT area can be without any symptoms. The possibility of curing cancer is very good it detected early. Tobacco users and people with history of cancer in their family should undergo periodic examination to detect cancer early to enable curative treatment

Micro ear surgery

Micro ear surgery is performed in the middle ear and mastoid bone behind the ear to correct deafness, discharge and pain in the ear and to prevent complications such as facial nerve weakness, dizziness and infection spreading to the brain. Tympanoplasty, Canal wall up and Canal wall down mastoid surgery, reaeration tympanoplasty, mastoid obliteration are some of the procedures
performed in our instituion. Stapedotomy, is an excellent micro surgical procedure performed for otosclerosis in our institution with world class results. Surgey on the inner ear for menieres disease is also performed with very good resutls.

Micro laryngeal surgery

The surgery on the voice box for removal of polyps, cysts, leukoplakia, rynkeys oedema, pappiloma and early cancer of the vocal cord are successfully carried out with accuracy under operation microscopic magnification and the precise use of KTP 532 laser. These are performed as a day case procedure to enable the patient to return home on the day of the surgery.

Endoscopic sinus surgery

Nasal bolckage, runny nose, loss of smell, headache, watering of eyes and bad breath can be due to pathology in the bony cavities called sinuses around the nose. Endoscopic surgery of maxillary, ethmoidal, sphenoidal and frontal sinuses for sinusits, polyposis and fungal diseases are performed precisely using the ultra modern equipments.

Endoscopic Skull base and orbital surgery

Clear water coming out of the nose especially form one side following injury to the head or sometimes even following violent sneezing could be the CSF fluid around the brain. This has to be dealt with without delay to avoid infection to the brain. This procedure of endoscopic csf leak closure is being very successfully carried out at J.S.Hospital with endoscopes. Tumor in the pitutary gland and problem in the eye like double vision and loss of vision due to injury and infection are also successfully corrected through the nose endoscopically.

Head and neck gland surgery

Submandibular salivary gland excision, parotid gland partial and total excision, hemi, subtotal and total thyroid gland operations are performed in out institution very regularly with excellent results besides excision of cysts and lymph nodes in the head and neck area when indicated.

Pharyngo, Laryngo, Broncho, Oesophagoscopy

More than 400 paediatric bronchoscopies for foreign body removal have been succesfully perfomed in our institution.

Head & Neck Cancer surgery

Surgical treatment for cancer in the mouth, tongue, nose & sinuses, tonsil, voice box and lymph nodes in the neck are are performed regularly at J.S.Hospital. Advanced surgical treatment for cancer of the voice box with voice preservation and reconstruction using pedicled flaps are also performed.

Phono surgery for voice disorders

Surgery to change the quality of the voice by operation on the laryngeal frame work is a recent development int the field of ENT. Procedures to alter the length and the tension of the vocal cords are undertaken to obtain the desired result.

Surgical treatment for snoring and sleep apnea

Surgery in the nose, throat and the jaw bone are performed as indicated to eliminate snoring which not only a social but also a health hazard if left untreated.


Surgical treatment for improving the shape of the nose to improve the appearance and the clear nasal obstruction are undertaken regularly.

Maxillo-Facial surgery

Treatment for fracture of the upper and lower jaw bone, surgery for correction of jaw deformities and treatment for cleft lip & palate are performed by competent maxillo facial team.

Aura 532 KTP laser ENT surgery

KTP532 is the most accurate laser for ear nose and throat applications and J.S. Hospital is one the few institutions to possess this equipment. Tonsillectomy, nasal, oral and laryngeal sugeries are performed accurately with the aid of KTP 532 laser.

Sales and service of Hearing aids.

Programmable & digital, BTE(Behind the ear), ITE (In the Ear), ITC (In the canal), CIC (Completely in the canal) are available.