Ice-creams, swimming, hill stations in winter, air-conditioned rooms, frequent hair washes, – they all entered my life when I set foot into J.S. Hospital! My sinusitis was interfering with the quality of my life and yet I was postponing my surgery for fear of recurrence of the sinus.

But I realized my fear was ill-founded when I met Dr.Jayaramachandran. His patience, empathy, and sense of humor strike an instant rapport with his patients. He is a big favorite with my nephews and nieces too! My stay in the hospital was very comfortable. Thanks to the caring and courteous staff.

It has been 3 years since my surgery and I now wonder why I didn’t have my surgery earlier instead of missing out on all good things in life for so many years!

Thank you Dr.J and the staff of J.S. God bless and may many more like me continue to benefit

Malathi Chandrasekaran, Salem, 26.6.09

Before surgery for sinusitis, I had nasal blockage, trouble breathing while climbing stairs, and a frequent flyer I used to experience terrible pain in my ears during flying. Now after endoscopic sinus surgery I have none of these problems and I am indeed a very happy man .

Thank You Dr.Jayaramachandran.

Mr.R.Jagadeesan, Managing Director, Thambbi Modern Spinning Mills, Salem

My 50 years old daughter Mrs. D.Anitha, residing at Mumbai has been suffering form NASAL POLYS for the past 3 years. Last month she had consultation at J.S Hospital and after diagnosis, underwent endoscopic sinus surgery. I am now extremely happy to learn from her, that she has got completely cured and she is back to normal and enjoying her life as before she had the nasal polyps.

I greatly appreciate and place on record that the treatment given by Dr. Jayarama chandran has given new zeal to my daughter. I wish the medical and nursing staff of J.S Hospital all the best and great success in their endeavor.

A.Dhirajlal, Secretary – Sona College of technology, Advisor – Thiagarajar Polytechnic College, Chairman – Mukesh & Associates

I am Rajkumar .K.S aged 48 years residing at 63, Kannara Street, Shevapet, Salem-2, I had nose block problem for five years. I suffered a lot with nasal congestion. I tried Ayurvedic and homeopathy medicines for relief. But it was of no use. Finally, I consulted my E.N.T. Dr. Jayaramachandran, He suggested surgery as the only remedy for this type of nasal congestion, as there was growth inside the nostrils. I had the following problems before surgery.

  • Breathing through mouth only resulting in sore throat, mouth ulcers etc.
  • Continuous sneezing daily in the morning.
  • Cold attack every month with running nose
  • Mucous discharge from nose every hour
  • Poor smelling power.
  • Sleepless night, poor concentration and loss of memory

After surgery on 20-05-09 all the above problems have been solved totally. Now I am very happy. There is no side effect of any kind after my surgery. For any clarification please contact my cell No. 9443615878.

Rajkumar.K.S, Salem

My wife Mrs Jeya (58 years) had loud snoring and choking or gasping while sleeping. On some occasions, breathing would also stop during sleep. These problems were continuing with her for the past 40 years. By god’s grace, I admitted her in J.S. Hospital, Salem on 04-06-09. Dr. S. Jayarama chandran who diagnosed this problem as obstructive sleep apnoea, did laser surgery successfully. The said surgery was done by Dr. S. Jayaramachandran in the operation theatre which I watched through live telecast. The admission was done at 5.00 A.M surgery was completed at 11.30 AM and my wife was discharged at 9 P.M, on the same and single day.

To my surprise, my wife is now sleeping peacefully, without any snoring and choking or gasping. I am delighted to mention here that Dr. S. Jayaramachandran charges very normal fees which would be economical, even to the poor. Above all, he hears the patients suffering carefully, speaks with them clearly, politely and kindly, just like a close relative, with affectionate smile in his face. His kind hearted words are a source of great comfort to the patients. Thanks to him for all.

R. Vadamalairaj alias Kalkidasan, Deputy Collector (Retired) and Tamil Writter, 2 / 996 / 3 Thalambu Street, Ezhilnagar (Iyer Banglow) Madurai – 625014, Ph: 0452/2682516 Cell: 98421 12376

My experience at J. S. Hospital when I went for a sinus surgery was really a pleasant one. I never felt that I was in a hospital and that I was going to be operated upon. This is because of the manner in which the doctor and the hospital staff behaved with me. They really made me feel at home and comfortable.

A few words about Doctor Jayaramachandran. He is so friendly and soft spoken that you tend to feel alright the moment you speak to him. I always felt that I was in safe hands as he is a highly educated and qualified doctor with immense experience. In my 41 years this is the only hospital where I have experienced painless injections. The nurses administer them so well that it is almost painless.

Cleanliness and good maintenance is another feature which one notices when one enters this hospital.

Mr.Manoj Nair, Literary Press, Salem. Cell 9894401919

I underwent tympanoplasty operation for pain, hearing loss and discharge from the ear by Dr.Jayaramachandran at J.S Hospital Salem on 4.8.08. Now the pain and the discharge from the ear have stoped and my hearing is back to normal thanks to doctor’s effective surgical treatment. I thank the doctor and all the nursing staff for their excellent care and treatment during my stay in the hospital.


Dear Dr.Sir,I thank you very much for the treatment you gave me for the csf leak through my left nose. I admire that you diagnosed the problem on my very first visit. I am very satisfied with the care I was given during my treatment in your hospital for about 10 days. The treatment and the care are excellent. Thank you very much for the cure.

T.Rajandran, consulting civil engineer, 9865542701